Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Following the improper attempt at removal of two Directors

Asheville City Councilman Bill Russell (liaison to URTV) was contacted by email. Email was necessary as Councilman Russell had never found time to attend a single Board meeting of URTV while he was assigned as liaison, even though this Board was on his watch.

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 9:05 AM, Davyne Dial wrote:
To: Mr. Bill Russell
Liaison to URTV

Dear Mr. Russell

I wanted to let you know that I've heard that the URTV board has met (in secret) and officially voted Mr. Bernier and myself (Davyne Dial) off the Board of Directors. We were not notified of a "special" meeting, nor were we ever given the reason for our dismissal. Neither was Sandra Bradbury notified of a special meeting by the Board. That made a total of at least three board members who were missing from the meeting.

We have not been "officially" notified of this decision; however mention was made of the Board decision yesterday evening at the County Commission meeting. So you may want to verify from someone at URTV. I suspect this was an effort to avoid the bright light of transparency and the possible presence of the press had this meeting been done in the proper fashion.

Here is my official statement on this.

"It appears the the Board of Directors has cherry picked certain members to attend a secret "special" meeting to vote on Mr. Bernier's and my dismissal. Wouldn't all boards like to be able to conduct business like this? Who needs to debate and listen to differing points of view anyway?

We were never informed of the reasons for this decision to remove us, and due to not being informed of the meeting we were unable to offer any rebuttals for the Board to consider. This move is another sad example of the rules and regulations of URTV being necessary and strictly enforced for the members or producers of URTV, but not an important guide for proper behavior for the management of URTV.

It appears that while the Board has chosen the easy way out, my feeling is this opens up a whole new hornets nest of controversy about the continued flaunting of established rules and regulations."

Davyne Dial

Mr Russell replied withing a few days and asked Ms. Dial to please forward her observations to City Manager Gary Jackson.

That letter is available at this link. | Letter to City Manager Gary Jackson

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