Wednesday, March 16, 2011

David Gantt's empty statement of support

March 25, 2004

RE: Public Access TV (URTV)

Thanks for your letter about Public Access TV (URTV). I appreciate your balanced and open consideration of URTV. I am going to support URTV in every way I can. I think the public deserves an opportunity to produce TV time that furthers their beliefs, goals, ideas, music, crafts, etc. I believe that local artists, musicians, clergy, and educators will end up dominating the programming. WNC already has a strong crafts community. The opportunity to share ideas, techniques, and network on the channel can only enhance and strengthen this important segment of our economy. However, the channel cannot used for purely commercial means.
NC law specifically defines obscenity in the attached document. Anyone who violates this law will be committing a felony and will likely be prosecuted. In the other six North Carolina cities with public access, none have experienced obscenity problems in their programming.

I do not anticipate any problems here. Opponents of public access have engaged in a scare campaign that has no validity in fact or experience in our state.

Communities with public access are enriched with differing ideas and local information. I think Asheville will be a better place to live with this type of open and honest communication.

David Gantt, Commissioner

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